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Week Forty-Eight: Roadmap Llama

The Llama loves to hit the road. Where we goin’ next, Llama?


Week Forty-Seven: Independence Day Llama

When in the course of Llama events, it becomes necessary to blow up tiny bits of America in order to celebrate its independence, the Llama rises to the occasion.

Week Forty-Six: Tuscan Llama

The stairwell of the hotel in Atlantic, Iowa reminded the Llama a little of Tuscany (or at least what he imagined Tuscany must be like.)


Week Forty-Five: The Llama Explores Art (Literally)

There were several works of art displayed in the historic hotel where we stayed in Atlantic, Iowa. The Llama couldn’t resist taking a closer look.


Week Forty-Four: Llama’s All Washed Up

A couple months ago, The Llama accompanied me to a historic hotel in Atlantic, Iowa. Along with seeing the sights, we took advantage of the restored building and did a couple of photo shoots.




Bonus Llama! Er… Alpaca. But TWO OF THEM!


Week Forty-Three: The Llama Gets His Portrait Done

The mysterious artist known only as Luke found a muse in The Llama.




Week Forty-Two: Llama Wants an Omelette


Week Forty-One: Llama Goes to Church


Bonus Llama: Not a llama… but a lion?

Seems the “Lion Cut” has spread from cats to llamas.

Lion Cut Llama

Lion Cut Llama

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