The Weekly Llama

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Week Four: High Contrast Llama


The Llama delights in bold colors. Blue and orange with a touch of red. A bold llama indeed.

Week Three: Llama Lighted Low


The Llama found the candle centerpieces at Miyabi 9 warm and soothing.

Week Two: Miyabi Llama


The Llama (with a capital L) accompanied me to Miyabi 9 in the The sushi was a feast for the eyes as well as the stomach.

Week One: Meet the Llama

Meet the llama. I found him in a toy store one day and I said to myself, “There’s more to that llama than meets the eye,” so I picked him up and took him home and we’ve been going on adventures with each other ever since.  As my collection of pictures with him grew, I thought, “I am having so much fun with my new llama friend.  Why not share our adventures with the entire world?”  So here for your weekly dose of llama is…

The Weekly Llama

Week One: The Llama Ventures Forth


Check back here every Tuesday to find out what the llama is up to this week.